Over the last three decades Nitrex has become a leading force in the heat treating industry, as an equipment manufacturer, a service provider and most importantly a developer of gas nitriding & gas nitrocarburizing technologies and solutions. Our vision is to be a worldwide partner in offering metal heat treating solutions, always ahead of our customer’s expectations and delivering innovative technology.

We began as an innovative gas nitriding process developer and a gas nitriding turnkey system supplier. Our revolutionary Nitreg® proprietary gas nitriding technology brought greater wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance to ferrous or non-ferrous materials, qualities much sought after by anyone whose product manufacturing activities involve any heat treatment process.

Over the years the spectrum of our capabilities has expanded to include a wide variety of applications, heat treatment processes and industries. Our potential-controlled gas nitriding and potential-controlled gas nitrocarburizing (ferritic nitrocarburizing-FNC) heat treatment technologies are applied in the precision parts, automotive, aluminium extrusion, defense, gears, tool & die, plastics, machinery and many other industries.

Nitrex Metal has created a worldwide network of independent licensees (commercial heat treaters) using its Nitreg® gas nitriding technology, and has sold gas nitriding furnaces, control systems with process control software, to even more in-house users. In addition, many heat treating furnaces and control systems have been retrofitted or refurbished by our engineers.

Years of continuous R&D in our metallurgical laboratories and close cooperation with our customers, licensees and partners, combined with our vast experience in catering to the needs of manufacturers, metal treating centers, suppliers and users have literally brought us to the front line of heat treating technologies.

Gas Nitriding & Gas Nitrocarburizing


Machine tool maker updates nitriding

Polish machine tool maker DOLFAMEX reached the decision this year to migrate to a new Nitrex nitriding system rather than upgrade an aging system with modern controls. In actual fact, the up-front investment of purchasing new equipment was lower than the engineering, maintenance, and repair costs of upgrading the current unit. The company chose the […]

Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing system for automotive ring gears

Nitrex Metal Inc. completed the installation of a new nitriding/nitrocarburizing system at Korean heat treater Dongwoo HST Ltd. The system is used primarily for processing Hyundai ring gears and includes 3 NitregŽ-based nitriding technologies for a number of steel types with process recipes for each product application. Besides the ring gear business, another impetus for the […]

Hundreds turn out 1st Jornada Tratamientos Termicos Mexico

Metal Spain launched its inaugural edition of JORNADA TRATAMIENTOS TERMICOS in Querétaro, Mexico this past June. This first edition bears evidence to the fast growth of the heat-treating and manufacturing base in Mexico, which is especially true for the area surrounding Querétaro where a number of important automotive and aerospace component manufacturers have chosen to […]